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Conjugality of a spouse's property inheritance will be determined by the date of marriage?

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Subdivision / Consolidation of Titles

Consolidation of Title is the process in which two (2) or more adjoining parcels of land covered by separate Land Title Certificates are joined together into one Land Title Certificate. If you bought two (2) or more adjoining lots with separate titles under different owners, you may want to consolidate these lots and their corresponding Land Titles into one title.

Subdivision of Title is the process of subdividing or splitting the land covered by one Land Title Certificate into separate parcels of land covered by separate Land Title Certificates. This process allows you to sell the property partially or to have the new titles named after different owners such as your siblings or relatives.

OMI will assist in the consolidation and subdivision of title from the preparation of the consolidation or subdivision plan to the filing and approval of lot plan at the DENR until the consolidation and splitting of titles at the Registry of Deeds.


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